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Best Friends

Over the years I have knit and crocheted many things without taking photos of the finished product – mainly due to the lack of a decent digital camera. I recently bought a new camera (fujifilm finepix F31) and got a Flickr account so I started taking more photos of my work, but since joining Ravelry earlier this week I have made a effort to go round the house photographing some of my old projects (those that haven’t been given away, or lost anyway). It was interesting to see what had survived – mainly scarves, socks, throws, blankets and toys for my daughters – very few items of clothing. A lot of things have signs of wear and are not really fit for a high resolution photo.
During my search I discovered these dolls. I knit these for my eldest daughter Carmen about 4 years ago out of oddments of DK yarn I had lying around. The pattern is from an old Interweave knits. They are rather the worse for wear, having lost their hair ribbons and having acquired rather curly limbs, but I still quite like them. I particularly like the texture of the yarn I used for their hair, ‘though I can’t remember what it is. I might make them some companions one day if I can find the pattern again.


First post!

I’ve finally got round to creating my first blog. I have been meaning to do this for years, but have always felt I wouldn’t have the time to maintain it. I plan to use this blog mainly as a space for me to catalogue my knitting and crochet projects. I’ve been knitting for about 8 years, and crocheting for 3. I’m a sporadic knitter – I go through phases of frantic knitting, planning projects, buying vast quantities of yarn, trying out lots of design ideas (this can have an almost manic quality!), then periods where I will hardly pick up a hook or needle. I am currently going through the former – hence the decision to start the blog.

 The weather’s getting cold and I need warm clothes! I tend not to knit or crochet clothes for myself as adult cardigans and jumpers take so long, and I am often not happy with the results (they usually end up frogged or given to charity). I mainly stick to small things – socks, scarves, hats etc as they take less time, and it’s not such a big deal if I am not happy with the results. This year however I have 3 sweaters/cardigans lined up – all for me. Two are currently in progress, the other is just in my head at the moment. They are all crocheted so hopefully I will finish them before I get bored with them.

 The first is a top down round yoke cardigan I’m making with yarn I got at this year’s knitting and stitching show at Alexandra Palace. It’s DK weight alpaca yarn from Teo Handspun from the Isle of Skye.

And this is my progress so far

The pattern is designed using knitware software (free demo version available here). This would have been finished by now had I not started this.


I’m using Colourmart angora/wool DK weight which is very soft and a pleasure to work with. The third project will be a cowl neck hip length mohair sweater with 3/4 lenth sleeves – I’m still working on the pattern for this and will try not to start it until I have finshed the first two.