My dye experiment

During a recent clearout, I rediscovered this yarn
lace weight mohair yarn
It’s a cone of over 600g of a heavy lace weight yarn that is simply labelled “mohair” and came as part of a mixed mohair pack from yeoman yarns. As I am currently into laceweight knitting and crochet, I thought I would have a go at dyeing some of it to make shawls, scarves etc.
I’ve had fairly good results using food colouring to dye yarn in the past, but the mohair content of this yarn must be pretty low as it didn’t take the dye well at all (I was aiming for a dark purpley colour!)
Yarn dyed with food colouring

A bit disappointing, but still a pretty colour. I am using it to crochet a shawl for one of my daughters and will be posting the pattern if it turns out OK.
shawl stitch detail


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