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Red Pesto Sock

The first red pesto sock is now finished
red pesto sock

I’m really pleased with it. I am really enjoying knitting these. I think it’s because I’m doing a simple stocking stitch pattern, with minimal ribbing – a nice simple mindless project with the variegated yarn providing some interest to the knitting.

I will be spending all my available knitting and crochet time this week trying to finish the Spring Shawl. I need to get it finished by Friday night, so that I can block it in time for my mother’s birthday. I think I am about halfway there at the moment.

 sping shawl 30%

I really hate knitting or crocheting to deadlines, as I usually fail, and I find that it takes away a bit of the fun. I know my mother will love this shawl – she really appreciates my handmade gifts, so I will make every effort to get it done in time!


Green Olive and Red Pesto

I’ve had quite a productive week this week. My Olive Round Yoke Cardigan is working up very quickly.
olive cardy progress

I’ve also started a couple of amigurumi toys for the girls using oddments of DK yarn, and completed a few more sock yarn squares. I’ve been thinking about how to edge and join them together. I was thinking of joining them in either cream or black, but I’ve actually decided on a charcoal grey colour (I had to break my no new yarn rule to buy some charcoal yarn as I didn’t have any in my stash)
sock squares border
 I’ve been playing about with different joining methods and I’ve decided to go with slip stitching them together through the back loop with right sides facing.

I crocheted so much this week that my  wrist started to ache so I decided to do a bit knitting to give my wrists a rest.  I’ve started a new pair of socks. These are going to be simple stocking stitch with a 1×1 rib. I’m using some yarn I dyed a while ago with food colouring.

 red pesto socks progress

 The reds and oranges are actually a bit more vibrant in real life. My daughter Carmen thinks that the colour is reminiscent of Red (sun dried tomato) Pesto, so I have named them my Red Pesto socks.


More Squares

I’ve now made several more of the sock yarn squares – they are quite addictive.

 more sock yarn squares

I think I’ve got enough oddments to make a fair sized blanket without having to knit any more socks. I’m still not sure how I’me going to join them. I was thinking of edging them all in cream or black, and them crocheting them together. I would like quite a flat seam, so I might actually end up sewing them.

I’ve also been swatching with the olive colourmart cashmere that I bought last year.
cardigan swatch

I’m going to make another round yoke cardigan. I’ve been trying out different stitch patterns, but I think I will end up sticking to the same one that I used for the original. I might try some waist shaping with this one though – we will see how it goes!

Sock Yarn Squares

I’ve now finished the blueberry waffle socks….
blueberry waffle socks
…so I thought I would use the leftovers to crochet some more sock yarn squares. I started crocheting squares out of oddments of sock yarn about two years ago, and hopefully at some point, when I have enough of them, I will join them to make a blanket.
 I didn’t write the pattern down when I started making the squares, but fortunately it was fairly easy for me to work out what I did by looking at the completed squares. The squares are worked in back loop double crochet (UK terminology). I started out joining at the end of every round, but then decided it was easier to work in a spiral.

Here is a rough pattern for a square.

Sock Yarn Square

Important – this pattern uses UK terminology (DC = UK double crochet = US single crochet)

Using 3.5 mm hook Chain 4 and join into a circle with a slip stitch

Foundation Round: Chain one, work 12 DC into ring (adjustable ring technique could be used as an alternative if preferred)

Round 1: DC into back loop (BL) of first stitch,  3 DC into BL of next stitch (first corner made), DC into BL of next 2 stitches, 3 DC into BL of next stitch (second corner made), DC into BL of next 2 stitches, 3 DC into BL of next stitch (third corner made), DC into BL of next 2 stitches, 3 DC into BL of next stitch (fourth corner made), DC into BL of next stitch (end of first round – do not join at end of round but continue to work around the square in a spiral)

Subsequent Rounds: DC into BL of each stitch to next corner, 3 DC into BL of corner stitch. Continue working around in a spiral working 3 stitches at each corner until square is desired size. I did a total of 10 rounds to make squares of approximately 4″ across. Finish with a slip stitch at end of final round and fasten off.

This pattern works particularly well with self striping yarns (noro kureyon sock yarn would be great!) . Here are some squares I did with the same ball of trekking yarn.
trekking squares