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Red Pesto Sock

The first red pesto sock is now finished
red pesto sock

I’m really pleased with it. I am really enjoying knitting these. I think it’s because I’m doing a simple stocking stitch pattern, with minimal ribbing – a nice simple mindless project with the variegated yarn providing some interest to the knitting.

I will be spending all my available knitting and crochet time this week trying to finish the Spring Shawl. I need to get it finished by Friday night, so that I can block it in time for my mother’s birthday. I think I am about halfway there at the moment.

 sping shawl 30%

I really hate knitting or crocheting to deadlines, as I usually fail, and I find that it takes away a bit of the fun. I know my mother will love this shawl – she really appreciates my handmade gifts, so I will make every effort to get it done in time!