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Eva’s Shawl – Pattern updates

kauni eva progress

I decided to start another Eva’s shawl with the Kauni yarn I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show. This provided me with the perfect opportunity to finally putting the pattern together into a PDF file. I changed the instructions to make them clearer (I hope!). I also changed the terminology from UK to US. I thought long and  hard about this – as I am British, I wanted the original instructions to be in UK terms, but quite a few people have commented that this was confusing. I toyed with making separate UK and US versions, but decided it was easier to go with the US terminology – as most available patterns use US terminolgy, British crocheters are probably more used to converting than US crocheters – I hope this is OK, and would welcome further comments!

 I have also updated the Spanish translation as there was an error in row three.

I am really enjoying working with the Kauni Yarn – the colour changes are fascinating. I have some reservations about the brightness of the colours (I usually go for more muted tones), but I love the way it looks so far.