Handspun textured scarf


I’ve enjoyed spinning a few textured batts recently, and have been looking for a pattern to use with small amounts of textured handspun. I found a nice simple stitch pattern and came up with this scarf

handspun textured scarf 3

Unfortunately I only had about 50g of yarn, so the resulting scarf is a bit short – just long enough to tie around my neck ( I really needed 75 – 100g), but I’m pleased with the effect, and will be using the stitch pattern again

Here’s the pattern:

I used approximately DK weight yarn (approx 11 wpi), and started with a foundation Ch of 19 Ch using a 5.5mm hook to make a scarf approx 5 inches wide. The stitch pattern is a multiple of 2 + 1

Using UK terminology**

Row 1:  miss 2 Ch, insert hook into next Ch, *2 Half trebles together inserting hook into next 2 Ch, Ch1, repeat from * to end working one half treble into last Ch

Row 2: Ch2, miss 1 st, *2 half trebles together inserting hook into Ch1 space, and then into next stitch, Ch1, repeat from * to end working one half treble into top of turning Ch

Repeat row 2 until scarf is desired length or you run out of yarn, fasten off

**For those using US terminology use half double crochet instead of half treble.


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  1. 1 Amelia Garripoli December 13, 2009 at 2:38 am

    I like short scarves — one thing I do with them sometimes is add buttons, so they’ll stay around my neck on the really cold days. Pretty yarn, and nice stitch to show it off!

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