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More Spindle Spinning

I have spent a lot of my free time spinning over the past couple of weeks. I dyed some more roving, and after spinning up a small amount, I decided that I wanted a slightly thicker yarn. Rather than wasting what I had already spun, I decided to make another crocheted cowl.

Here is the dyed roving

hand dyed roving


And here is the finished cowl
green handspun cowl finished


I got some lovely hand dyed fibre and a new Bosworth mini spindle for christmas. The spindle is lovely and spins really well. It’s made of Bocote wood. Here it is in use

ply on the fly

I’m trying the Ply on the Fly technique, which I really like. It’s nice to know that the yarn will be almost ready to work with when it comes off the spindle.


Spindle Spinning

handspun shawl sample 2

I recently had the sudden urge to try to learn to spin again. I bought a spindle and some fibre (about 200g of Bluefaced Leicester) a few years ago, but I couldn’t quite get the hand of it, so they have been languishing in my yarn storage box.

This time though, something seems to have clicked. I’m hoping to be able to spin yarn to make shawls, scarves socks in sock weight and heavy lace weight. My first attempt was too thick – when plied it came out approx DK weight. I’ve been practising for about one hour every evening over the past week, and last night I finally managed to create a 3 ply sock weight yarn.

This is a sample showing my most recent attempts.
handspun sock sample
The first (bottom) yarn is two ply, and came out too fine for socks (it also wasn’t well balanced hence the visible twist). The second (top) yarn was navajo plied. It’s actually for the same roving (some of the Bluefaced Leicester that I hadnpainted with the help of my daughters), but the colours look quite different due to the plying techniques.

I’ve also been experimenting crocheting with singles. The  photo at the start of this post shows a sample crocheted with a (rather uneven) single which was slightly underspun and then dryed with a weight after washing)

I’m really enjoying experimenting with my spindle spun, but I’ve got  a couple of christmas presents to finish  so I’ll have to resist spending too much time with my spindle until they are done!

Chevron Lace Cardigan – Pattern

The pattern for the Chevron Lace Cardigan is now available. Many thanks to those who tested it. If you have any questions about this pattern (or any of my other patterns) please email me at withoutDOTseamsATyahooDOTcoDOTuk

chevron cardy cropped

I’ve also started a 3 hour sweater in Sirdar Blur.

 3 hour progress

 This is the second time I’ve made this sweater. The first time I made it flat (as written), but
I’m modifying the pattern to make this one top down. The top down version is going very quickly – it will still take me a lot more than 3 hours though! I will post my modifications if it turns out O.K.

Chevron Lace Cardigan

I started and finished a new cardigan this week. It’s a new design and the pattern is currently being tested. Hopefully I will have the pattern ready to publish here within the next couple of weeks
chevron cardy finished

The photos isn’t great, and I haven’t blocked it or added a button yet, but I am really pleased with it.

It’s a top down seamless pattern which uses DK weight yarn. I used about 225g of New Lanark DK weight Donegal Silk tweed. The stitch pattern is the same as I used for the one row lace cowl.

Eva’s Shawl – Pattern updates

kauni eva progress

I decided to start another Eva’s shawl with the Kauni yarn I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show. This provided me with the perfect opportunity to finally putting the pattern together into a PDF file. I changed the instructions to make them clearer (I hope!). I also changed the terminology from UK to US. I thought long and  hard about this – as I am British, I wanted the original instructions to be in UK terms, but quite a few people have commented that this was confusing. I toyed with making separate UK and US versions, but decided it was easier to go with the US terminology – as most available patterns use US terminolgy, British crocheters are probably more used to converting than US crocheters – I hope this is OK, and would welcome further comments!

 I have also updated the Spanish translation as there was an error in row three.

I am really enjoying working with the Kauni Yarn – the colour changes are fascinating. I have some reservations about the brightness of the colours (I usually go for more muted tones), but I love the way it looks so far.

One Row Lace Cowl

I’ve been thinking about crocheting myself a cowl for the past couple of weeks. I started swatching today and came up with this.

lace cowl 2

It’s a really simple one row lace pattern. I have written the pattern up for several different yarn weights (see here or link in side bar). Please bear in mind that this pattern has not been tested (except by me!). I think it would be nice in a subtley variagated sock weight yarn (e.g. malabrigo sock).

Eva’s Shawl – Spanish Translation

Silvia Insaurralde of the Argentinian blog  has very kindly translated my Eva’s Shawl pattern into Spanish. You can find a copy here. There is also a link to the pattern in the side bar.