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Olive Cardy – progress

I’ve just finished the schoppel socks, so I think I will concentrate on the olive cardigan to see if I can get it finished in the next week or two.

 olive cardy -progress

It’s going well so far. I am adding a bit of waist shaping in this one to get a slightly closer fit.

I’ve been thinking of making a little summer top in hemp yarn for a while now. I bought some allhemp6 from lanaknits a few months ago, and bought a pattern with it to make a top down seamless knitted tee-shirt. It’s a really nice pattern, but I’ve already got quite a few similar tops, and I feel like making something different. I saw this on ravelry recently and I think it would work well with the yarn. I’m not sure whether to try it, or try to make up my own design – we will see! 

I really enjoy seeing other people’s versions of my designs, particulary when they have done something different with them. There is a lovely version of Eva’s shawl on in worsted weight alpaca. It looks lovely and cosy.


Spring Shawl

The spring shawl is finished – just in time for my mother’s birthday!
spring shawl finished

The yarn (Margaret Stove Arisan Lace) is a true lace weight, and I used less than 60g. Although I was using a finer yarn, I decided to stick with a 4mm hook, as I wanted a light and airy effect. I’m really pleased with it – it’s probably my favourite so far.

Eva’s Shawl for me

I’m still in a bit of a knitting and crochet slump. I’ve yet to finish the 2 overdue presents although I have now completed one of the blueberry waffle socks. I did manage to finish me navy alpaca shawl though. I’m really pleased with it – the alpaca blocked really well. Sorry about the poor quality photos, I have literally just removed the blocking pins and haven’t yet had any caffeine this morning! I love the subtle colour variations in the yarn and think this will be a really nice shawl to wear on summer evenings with jeans and a little top.